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Ashley Maginnis
B.S. Kinesiology 

Ace Certified Group Fitness
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Bender barre certified 
Barre Intensity Certified
TRX Trainer Certified 
Fitness nutrition specialist 


Fitness for women, by a woman! Ashley's 12 years in the fitness industry has led her to this niche of women's fitness. This isn't your old school idea of women's fitness.... this is learning to work with a woman's body to make it function the best it possibly can.  Extreme HIIT and cardio based workouts are not going to get a woman where she wants to be.  Taking this extreme approach will lead to hormonal issues, storing fat, irritability, and overall causing way more issues with your overall health. At AMF, Ashley knew that women's bodies strive off something different. Thought out, balanced, and functional movements was what needed to happen.  AMF provides that one stop shop for a woman to THRIVE in her body. 

WHY AMFStudio?

Here at AMFstudio, our ultimate goal is to show you not only how effective fitness is, but also how fun fitness can be.  We truly believe that fitness should not be considered a "chore", but rather something you look forward to before, during or after your day. 

Quality and safety are main priorities for AMFstudio; instructors are educated, certified and experienced , resulting in the best overall training possible.  


We strive to make every single person feel as welcome, comfortable and confident as possible when in our studio and classes.  We understand fitness classes can be an intimidating experience, but we hope to change that! 

Fitness is for EVERYONE!  You just need to find what you like!  We offer a variety of classes to fulfill your fitness needs. 



"Ashley is a rare gem in the fitness world. The combination of her knowledge, passion, intense routines and energetic personality made me actually look forward to my workouts. I was stuck in a “fitness” rut and Ashley not only made working out fun again but helped me achieve my goal to live a more healthy lifestyle. I would highly recommend working with Ashley if you are looking to have fun while being healthy!"


"Ashley was my personal trainer for over a year. I have never been in better shape or more excited about my physical health. I originally started working out to lose weight but Ashley has helped me understand that if you exercise and eat healthy the weight loss will come. Ashley consistently changes up my workouts so it is always new and exciting and I just know that we are going to have fun. She has never asked me to do any exercise that I cannot complete and knows what my physical limits are. In a nutshell, Ashley makes working out fun!"


"I had the opportunity to be on the receiving end of Ashley’s fitness classes and personal training for over a year and she was, by far, one of the best trainers and group fitness instructors that I have worked with. She encourages and coaches you on how to improve techniques to get the most out of the exercises. She puts thought into each class and you’re working different muscle groups throughout the whole class. At the same time, she provides options for different levels of intensity. Ashley makes her classes upbeat, fun, and everyone feels comfortable. With her classes and coaching, she completely transformed the strength of my core and she taught me techniques that I will always use."


AMF Studio

Sweat. Sculpt. Shape.

2512 White Tail Drive

Cedar Falls, Iowa 

Phone: 641.425.4989


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