All classes are for ALL LEVELS.  Modifications will be given to ensure all fitness levels are covered.

Classes are 45 minutes long, unless noted otherwise on schedule.  To view schedule, click the schedule tab. 


Signature Workout!  This dance inspired workout will leave you with the lean, sculpted legs and core you have been looking for! Utilizing traditional ballet barres, small weights and balls we will focus on all of the small stabilizing muscles in your legs, core and glute! While this is a toning based workout, small cardio sequences will be added to keep you working to the max!

*Cardio Barre: Take the intensity of our traditional barre class up a notch! Cardio Barre will utilize more of your own body weight with quicker, larger motions to keep your heart rate higher and bring the sweat!


Signature Workout! Compliment your cardio workout with this total body toning workout.  No bulking here, just long, lean, SCULPTED muscle! Leave every single muscle group burning by using our high repetition/lighter weight method. The options are endless in this toning based class with the use of small weights, larger weights, balls, bands and body weight.  Not a muscle in your body will be left untouched!


You're the leader in this class!  Go through different stations for a set amount of time and see just how hard you can push yourself.  Circuits will be a mix of cardio and strength moves to ensure a well rounded workout and max Calorie burn! 


Signature Workout!  Jab, twist and KICK your way to a better body with this fun, high energy, full body, kick butt (literally) workout! Incorporating the basics of kickboxing, along with unique combinations, non-stop movement and fun music, this class will leave you sweaty, happy and wanting more!

Cardio Strength Intervals

The sky is the limit in this class!  Just as it sounds, we will mix bouts of cardio with strength to give you max calorie burn during and after the workout! Your cardio work is done in combination format with the use of small weights for the entire sequence! Once the sweat gets going, we will keep the muscles burning by headed to a strength sequence. No equipment is off limits and the options for moves are endless. This class is sure to keep you on your toes and working hard- always giving your body a new challenge!

Tabata Intervals

Tabata Training consists of a 4 minute segment which includes intervals of 20 seconds of work:10 seconds of rest (8 rounds total).  This style of training is meant to push you past your 100% effort and put you into an awesome little thing called EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption).  While this is a high intensity class, there are always modifications to fit your fitness needs.  Continue to burn Calories for 17 hours after this heart pumping class! 

Dance Cardio

Max out the FUN in your workout! This fan favorite class allows you to feel like you're not working out at all, when in reality you are burning Calories like crazy! With non-stop movements, awesome music, and max energy, this class is sure to keep you motivated through the whole 45 minutes.  We will sequence different 8 count combos together until we are left with this large combo that makes you feel like you truly learned a dance routine.  Not a dancer? No worries!! These moves are all athletic based moves that allow you to work at your level!